Beading Watch Faces – Symbol of Style and Elegance

Women are known for their good taste, elegance and style. When it comes to style then how can we forget women accessories including bracelets, rings, necklace and watches? Women have used these accessories since a long time as they make them look more beautiful, stylish and modern.

Though, there are various items included in women accessories from earrings to necklaces and bracelets to rings, yet watches have their own importance. In the past, watches were mainly used for seeing time but they have become a status symbol these days. Watches have taken the form of luxury item whose main purpose is to add style and elegance to your personality.

A large number of watch brands are introduced during the last few years. Watches have also gone through a lot of innovation. Now days, different types of women and men watch faces and watch straps are available in the market each having its own unique style, shape, material and colors.

If we talk about modern trends in watches then beading watches are more popular compared to simple watches. It is because they have their own charm and beauty. Beading watches, as the name implies, are made of different beads. The use of beads in watch face and straps is relatively a new concept which has received positive feedback from the customers. The concept of using beads is taken from clothes as traditional dresses usually contain different types of beads in them.

Beading watch faces, have both classic as well as modern touch in them. Their colorful, bright and attractive beads enhance their beauty. If you are fed up from old-fashioned simple watches then you must try beading watch face and straps, I am sure you will love them. The good thing about these watch faces is that you can use them with different straps depending on your liking and preferences.

Mantle and Carriage Clocks: Charismatic Clocks That Display Style and Elegance in Your Home Decor

Mantle and carriage clocks are not a new phenomenon in the design decor of one’s home. For centuries these clocks have been crafted by artisans’ hands for royalty, initially, but more and more for the average person. These carefully made clocks detail the intricate balance between material and art, taking on fascinating forms that charm and impress.

Carriage clocks tend to be smaller than mantle clocks and have a handle at the top of the clock. The carriage clock was designed for traveling and was first developed in the 19th century. The first carriage clock was designed for Napolean in France in 1812. The casing for the original clock was made of brass with glass and porcelain panels. These clocks are usually rectangular, but many times are closer to the shape of square. Fine woods, metals, and glass are used to provide a sharp accent for these diminutive clocks. A delicate touch to provide the nuance for these clocks is a formidable challenge. The results are often very pleasing to the eye, and yes we are talking about a clock! A clock hat can be fashioned out of oak, cherry or mahogany, brass or pewter or glass, and still has a clock face and serves as a timepiece. Function and form tied nicely together. Carriage clocks can be found on a desk, table and sometimes on a mantle, if the mantle is not too large.

Mantle clocks were first made in the 1700′s in France and shortly, thereafter, in England. They were usually situated in the hearth of the home where everyone kept warm. The clock brought a style and grace to the decor of the room. These clocks are often ornate and detailed in their craftsmanship, usually having more width than height in their construction. As with carriage clocks, mantle clocks are usually made from fine woods, metals and glass or a combination of these materials. Today these clocks still represent a style and grace on the mantle above the fireplace. They also can be used on shelves or desktops. In childrens’ rooms as well as the living room or any room where there is the space and the need. Their size makes them both functional and mobile for the rooms in your home.

Mantle and carriage clocks show off your style and individuality in your interior design decisions. No longer is a mantle or carriage clock just a functional timepiece in a room. They are opportunities to make a statement about the importance of your home decor. It may not be the most important decision about the design of a room, but it is a decision, nonetheless. Your choice of artwork, furniture, floor coverings are all seen as the most crucial aspects of the design of a room. A beautiful mantle or carriage clock can complement that design and give it a special look and warmth. Make sure to include these special clocks in your home and see what a difference they can make. Mantle and carriage clocks can give your home an extra sense of style and elegance.